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This Flyball story features the Flyball Fanatics and was filmed at our training grounds in Brisbane, Australia.
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Welcome PDF Print E-mail the website of the Flyball Fanatics Inc Flyball Training and Racing Club, based at the RSPCA Wacol, Brisbane QLD, Australia



Who are the Flyball Fanatics?

We are a Brisbane based Flyball Club affiliated with Pawsitive Connection .

Flyball Fanatics LogoWhere & When we train?

Thursdays:  On the grounds at the RSPCA Qld Wacol Campus,139 Wacol Station Rd, Wacol Qld.


    Beginners & Advanced Thursdays 7:15pm – 9:30pm


Saturdays:  Macgregor State High School. Springfield Street, Macgregor.


     Beginners Saturdays 7:30am-8:30am,

     Advanced Saturdays 7:00am-8:30am



More about the training timetable

We train in 7x 6 week classes per year. Contact an instructor (details under the 'Contact us' menu) for more details and the start date of the next class.


How much does it cost?

$70 per 6 week class.


How do I get to the training grounds?

From Ipswich Road heading west, take the Progress Road/Wacol Station exit at Wacol .  Turn left onto  Progress Road.  Veer left onto Akenside Street.  Turn Right onto Wacol Station Road.  As you enter the front of the Wacol RSPCA Campus, the Flyball training fields are to the right hand side of the Adoption Centre.


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Can my dog do Flyball?

To commence training, a basic level of obedience is required, i.e. your dog should know the sit, come and stay commands and should have been socialized with other dogs.. It is also a requirement that your dog is vaccinated.


We recommend the RSPCA Dog Sport Prep Program as an all round introduction.


I'm not sure my dog is ready for flyball?

Your dog does not have to be perfect. You are welcome to come and observe a training session to see what flyball is all about and have a flyball instructor assess your dog’s readiness. Please contact an instructor for details.


I’d like to do Flyball but I know my dog is not very obedient or can be aggressive towards other dogs…

Then you should start with a basic obedience course like all flyball dogs have done. We recommend the RSPCA Basic Training Program and Dog Sport Prep .


I think my dog is too small for Flyball..

Oh, no he’s not! Flyball is suitable for any size dog. In fact, small dogs are a big asset to a flyball team because the height of the hurdles is adjusted for the smallest dog on the team… and a small hurdle height helps the whole team to run faster.


I think my dog is too slow for Flyball..

Not all dogs are speed freaks. But all dogs are equally welcome to play flyball. When your dog enters a competition, she will be in a division that fits her speed and experience. Dogs earn flyball points not just for winning the race, but also for a team that runs a heat without fault. So consistent performance is just as important to earn points towards flyball titles.



When can we start Flyball competitions?

Once your dog has reached the advance training level, you are welcome to compete in flyball competitions. Progress from dog to dog varies greatly, but dogs can normally advance in one year. Your dog will love weekly training sessions just as much as any competition, so it is not so important to reach competition level to get enjoyment out of flyball.


When are the competitions held?

Flyball clubs host one or more Flyball competitions a year and there are about 6 competitions per year in South East Queensland. The Flyball Fanatics host the “Million Paws Walk Flyball” competition in May and the ‘Flyball by the River’ competition around August. Competitions are generally held between the months of May and November and are mostly afternoon-evening comps. Competitions are not held in summer because of the heat.


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